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Proposal to expand Foxwood Academy

Foxwood Academy has the opportunity to expand its provision to meet the needs of approximately 150 extra children. Now part of the White Hills Park Trust, Foxwood Academy will use the land formerly occupied by Bramcote Park School. 

This site was vacated in 2017 by the school, and the old buildings were destroyed by arson in September 2021. The opportunity now exists to expand Foxwood Academy by replacing the demolished school with new buildings to be occupied by Foxwood.


"Pupils (at Foxwood) benefit from a range of rich experiences that are designed to support their transition into the wider world"

The Site

The site is ideally situated for a special school, being surrounded by nature and adjacent to the existing Foxwood Academy. The space will allow the provision of a full curriculum and enhanced sporting amenities for all Foxwood students to enjoy. The access will be designed around a one-way system.



  1. There is a local shortage of special school places. Current data indicates this situation will only increase. One of the most important rights of a young person with special educational needs is to have an outstanding education. We believe the expansion of Foxwood Academy will help ensure this right is upheld in Nottinghamshire.
  2. At the moment, young people at Foxwood Academy range in age from 3 to 18. They are all taught in the same building. The planned expansion of Foxwood Academy would see the young people taught as follows:
    1. Primary Phase (aged 4 – 11)
      These young people would be based in the existing provision, and work will be undertaken to convert all current rooms to be suitable for the primary phase.
    2. Secondary Phase (aged 11 – 18)
      These young people would be based in the new building, which will be designed to deliver a secondary curriculum.

The opportunity to have a primary / secondary split means that the young people at Foxwood Academy would have the opportunity to transition between the primary and secondary phase in the same way as those young people in other mainstream schools.


It is expected that the majority of the funding will be covered by the insurance claim generated by the arson in September 2021. Nottinghamshire County Council will be contributing towards the final fit-out of the expanded school.


In discussions with Nottinghamshire County Council, we anticipate having key staff in place at least 2 terms ahead of the expected opening date.


Assuming the plan progresses through regulatory requirements as expected, we anticipate building work starting in early 2025 and the new building being open for Autumn 2026.


We do not anticipate any disruption to the education at Foxwood Academy, even when the existing site is being adapted for primary provision. This is because any alterations to the existing site will only take place once the new building is in occupation.


The consultation on the physical expansion of Foxwood Academy will run from Wednesday 5th July until Friday 29th September 2023. This will exceed the minimum 6-week consultation period (in term time) as required by the Department for Education.

There are two ways to register feedback on this proposal:

  • Please click here to access the consultation form, where you can vote either in support or against the proposal and have the opportunity to leave relevant comments.
  • To give any more detailed feedback, please email

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