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Important Announcement – Plans For Redevelopment 2017

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First Published on 2nd February 2016 on the Alderman White School and Bramcote School Websites. Also published on 10th February 2016 in issue 82 of the Federation Newsletter. Newsletters are sent to subscribers and ALL parents/carers of students at The White Hills Park Federation Trust, for whom we hold a valid email address, They also published on the Alderman White School, The Bramcote School and Bramcote College websites for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of issue. Archive copies of The Federation Newsletter are available on request.

As you know, we have been developing plans to improve or replace our school buildings for some time now. Our vision is that our students are educated in the highest quality fit-for-purpose school buildings, with excellent facilities and equipment, at the centre of our local community. Over the last eighteen months, the Directors of The Federation Trust have been working with a range of partners to move this vision forward, including architects, planning authorities, commercial organisations and representatives from local government. We have also been in consultation with community groups in our local area.

A project of this size requires a great deal of funding, but the Federation is in the fortunate position of having a significant amount of land in our ownership that has the potential to be sold. The process of selling land, obtaining planning permissions, deciding locations, drawing up plans and so on, is extremely complex, and can take a considerable amount of time, particularly when it is so important that we get this right.

Meanwhile, the need to improve our school buildings becomes more urgent. Although all of our sites are in need of updating and refurbishment at the very least, the situation at The Bramcote School is particularly acute. Apart from the fact that many areas are in poor condition and beyond economic repair, the building is a drain on our budget, and the additional money we have to spend on an inefficient building could be better spent on teaching and resources.

Following extensive research and advice, we are now able to set out a plan that will lead to our vision being realised. The plan will take place in 4 broad phases:

Phase 1: By the end of the next school year (July 2017), we will relocate The Bramcote School into the current Bramcote College buildings, which will be refurbished and made suitable for Key Stage 3 and 4 students.

Phase 2: The land on which The Bramcote School is currently located will be sold, and the proceeds will be used to build a new 6th Form block located on the College site, which will form the first part of our new school buildings.

Phase 3: We will seek permission for development on surplus Federation land and sell the land for housing development.

Phase 4: We will then use the proceeds to complete the rebuild of The Bramcote School on the Bramcote College site and refurbish / rebuild on the Alderman White School site. At this point, we will be able to offer 21st century teaching and learning facilities of the highest quality for all of our students, as well as shared access for our local community outside the school day.

Phase 1 will be completed in time for the start of the 2017/18 school year. It is hoped to complete Phase 2 either at the same time, or shortly afterwards, depending on how soon we can release funds. The timing of Phase 3 and 4 is dependent on other factors, including the decisions arising from the Green Belt review currently being undertaken by Broxtowe Borough Council, but we will keep you informed as the project progresses.

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