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Round Hill Primary School - FAQs

We know there are lots of questions which parents, carers and other members of our community have about this proposal. We will try and answer as many as possible here.

What are the benefits for foundation and KS1 pupils?

The large majority of the benefits of joining the Trust – access to professional development, increased resources, greater capacity for school leaders, etc – apply across the whole school, including EYFS and KS1. A key part of the vision for expanding the Trust is the education of children and young people in our community from the age of 4-18, and we recognise the importance of all stages in that journey, not least the vital role of the early years of schooling.

Up until this point, White Hills Park has been a secondary-based Trust, so Round Hill would be our first primary partner. Round Hill would still benefit from all of the current support networks and collaboration arrangements, but in addition, we are part of a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) partnership which comprises more than 50 schools in our area, the majority of which are primary schools. We are in the process of establishing a close network of primary schools (up to 5 in total) who would work together to share expertise and development activities. All of the schools have Foundation Stage and Key Stage One children, and all are at least Good in their most recent Ofsted inspection. As a founding member, Round Hill would be a key leader of this network.

How do you ensure children with SEND have their needs met and funds are allocated to these children appropriately? Can you give some examples of working practice to ensure this happens?
Do all Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) operate to the same rules and regulations?
Is the White Hills Park Trust re-forming? What does this mean?

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