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Thoughts about smartphones, social media and possible effects on young people and their mental health and well-being

Are Smartphones making our children mentally ill?
Over the last several years I have noticed an increase in the amount of our students who come to see me who self-injure/harm and talk openly about wanting to die.  Some have even planned how they are going to carry out this act.  This is a worrying and heart breaking trend and one on which I have pondered as to what is at the root of children’s unhappiness.  An unhappiness to such an extent that some of our children and young people are cutting, taking pain killers, drugs or using alcohol as a response to the way they are feeling. What is happening in our society that might be attributing to this shift?  One question being asked over the last few years is, ‘to what extent is the use of smartphones playing in the well-being and mental health of our young people’?

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