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Gender Pay Gap

Mean and median values as at Snapshot date 31st March 2017.


Mean Pay

Median Pay

All staff









Average pay gaps

Average gender pay gap as a mean average between genders

Women are 14.67% lower

Average gender pay gap as a median average between genders

Women are 29.86% lower

Average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average


Average bonus gender pay gap as a median average


Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment and proportion of  females receiving a bonus payment

No bonus payments made


Proportion of males and females when divided into four groups ordered from highest to lowest pay

Top Quartile

Female 68.97%

Male 31.03%

Upper Middle Quartile

Female 67.8%

Male 32.2%

Lower Middle Quartile

Female 79.66%

Male 20.34%

Lower Quartile

Female 72.88%

Male 27.12%

Gender Pay Gap Narrative

Whilst there appears to be a sizeable pay gap between men and women, this need to be contextualised by the demographic of the employees in that 72.34% of the workforce is female. It is recognised that there is a substantial number of female employees in lower salaried jobs which is an historical position.

A significant number of the female posts are support posts which attract lower salaries than their teacher colleagues. For teaching and leadership posts, Females and males are paid at the same rate for the same work on standard scales. For Support staff each role is evaluated under a structured process, the National Job Evaluation scheme as detailed in the “Green Book”.

The fundamental reason for the identified gender pay gap is the disparity in proportion between female and male in term-time only, part-time, lower paid roles in schools such as lunchtime supervisors and teaching assistants.

The White Hills Park Federation Trust is committed to ensuring that all staff receive equal pay for equal work regardless of gender. Teaching staff are remunerated on an incremental pay scale that rewards them for their professional performance, wider contribution to the School and their level of experience. Support staff pay is determined via a process of job evaluation and is regularly reviewed and benchmarked on a national and local basis to ensure that pay correctly reflects the value and complexity of the work undertaken. Male and female staff are treated equally on appointment, we always appoint the best person for the post, gender aside, and throughout their careers at the Trust.

P Heery

Executive Principal and Accounting Officer