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About Us

Paul-HeeryHello, and welcome to The White Hills Park Federation Trust. The principle behind the Federation is that each of the two schools keeps its separate identity and also all the advantages of a small school. However by working together they also provide all the benefits of a large school, particularly in terms of the increased opportunities which are available to the students.

One of the key benefits of the Federation is the advantage this gives to individual students. I believe that smaller schools are able to provide a much friendlier environment for the younger students, particularly in Year 7. However the disadvantage of small schools is that they cannot offer a varied range of courses for older students. By working together schools within a federation can create many more opportunities, particularly for older students when they choose their options at 14 and 16 years of age.

As the Headteacher of two schools, I am committed to maintaining the distinct identities of the Schools, but also ensuring that we meet the needs of each student so that they reach their full potential. I believe that we can only achieve the latter by working together as a Federation.

Mr. Paul Heery, Executive Headteacher.

Additional Information

The White Hills Park Federation Trust, is a collective group of schools in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, and aims at bringing the benefits and economies of scale of a large establishment, while remaining as two individual schools, under one Management Structure and Governing Body. The Federation was founded in 2006.

The name is derived from the 3 schools originally within the federation, Alderman White School & Language College, Bramcote Hills Sports and Community College and Bramcote Park Sports, Business and Enterprise School.

Bramcote Hills Sports and Community College was formally closed by Nottinghamshire County Council on 31st August 2009. At the same time the council agreed from the 1st September 2009, to enlarge Alderman White School and Language College, to incorporate the remaining site of Bramcote Hills Sports and Community College. In 2010 Bramcote Park Business and Enterprise school adopted the Sports specialism to become the Bramcote Park Sports, Business and Enterprise School.

On 1st October 2012 the White Hills Park Federation became The White Hills Park Federation Trust, a multi academy trust. Alderman White School & Language College was renamed to Alderman White School; Bramcote Park Sports, Business and Enterprise School was renamed to The Bramcote School. Both schools are now academies and maintain their specialist statuses.

Our two schools share one Sixth Form facility based at the former Bramcote Hills Sport & Community College Site, called Bramcote College, often referred to as BC6F (Bramcote College Sixth Form). Students from schools and colleges outside of the Federation are welcome to apply to the College.